Moon page

These are real samples.


APOLLO 11 mission Luna Soil sample above,
this is the colour of the Moon.
Oxidisation has occurred
so this sample is somewhat more rusty
than it was on the Moon.

 The £10 and £20 pound notes are for colour balance,
The consistency is like dust from a vacuum cleaner and the colour similar to brick and cement dust.

This sample has also been cleaned of the fine particle's...
They are so fine that you could not only breathe them in but they could enter the blood stream!

approx 382kg were brought back apparently they have lost 150kg......

....and are looking for it....

I remember my father waking me to see the Launches
and watching the Landing and Exploration of the Moon.
To hold this was a special moment in my life.

I attended the "International Moon Conference" (sept 2007)
I will be adding more about the Conference soon.


The Iron is just the same as on earth.

Why you ask?
There were two planetary body's that collided one became the Earth and the rest formed the Moon.


Samples from NASA Apollo mission's 15, 16, 17


Apollo 17 mission 1972, Jack Smitt & the Luna rover, Gene Cernan took the photo
the last human visit
& a small amount of what they collected is pictured above & below.


The person taking the photo moved the camera!

Better quality photo's available.                                                 
More to be added soon.....